London Smile Premium Teeth Aligners Kit

London Smile Premium Teeth Aligners Kit

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Now it is the right time to shape your future and you can begin with your teeth! This new and innovative set of London Smile premium teeth alignment kit will definitely help you gain more confidence, improving the way you look and feel day after day.

When it comes to our personal health, we shouldn’t neglect the quality and importance of the services we choose. We know that traditional braces are expensive and maybe you are also afraid of going to the dentist, that’s why we have developed a smarter way of straightening your teeth without wearing braces and paying endless visits to the doctor. Now you can have straighter teeth in under six months, by completing all the three levels of the London Smile Premium Teeth Aligner Kit.

Straighten Teeth - London Smile corrects teeth alignment problems by putting steady pressure on the teeth, which eventually shift them into their final straightest position. By using all 3 different levels from the kit, you will guarantee to get straighter teeth within 4 months.

More Affordable - This is the latest and yet, most affordable way to straighten your teeth in the market.

No Office Visit – Made with soft healthcare grade silicone (BPA Free) and designed to support misaligned teeth and various arch forms, anyone can wear it without appointment or fear of any allergy reaction, no harm to the teeth and any oral soft tissue.

Kit Levels

Level 1: 

Strength Level is 40%. This is suitable for anyone who has overbite, underbite, crossbite, spaced, or crooked teeth. As the strength level is low, it will put slight pressure on your teeth and slowly shift your teeth to the correct position. You need to wear it for at least 1 month to see the effect.

Level 2:

Strength Level is 60%. This is suitable for anyone who has almost perfectly straight teeth or those who have previously done braces or Invisalign before. As the strength level is mid-level, there will more pressure acting on your teeth, shifting and maintaining it in the correct position. For those who have completed their Level 1 treatment, you can move to this level treatment for further teeth straightening.

Level 3:

Strength Level is 80%. This is the last stage of the treatment. We do not encourage people to jump straight to this treatment if you have not completed Level 1 or 2. As the strength level is high, it will put a lot of pressure on your teeth. After you have completed the first 2 levels, you will move to this level to strengthen your teeth to its permanent position. 

* If you are unsure which kit to get, it is better to get the whole set (Level 1 - 3, for the price of 2) or you can get Level 1 to try it out first.


How To Use

Step 1. You have to brush your teeth before every use to ensure your teeth are kept clean and hygiene. Then, with the middle tip facing up, place the London Smile Aligner Kit in your mouth.

Step 2. Slowly close your mouth. You will feel a slight pressure acting on your teeth which is okay as the kit is pushing and helping to align your teeth.

Step 3. You can either wear it at night or at least 4-6 hours daily.

Step 4. After you take out the kit from your mouth, soak it with lukewarm water for at least 5 minutes and let it dry.