How To Use

We recommend to use all three levels of our aligners for the best results.

Level 1 (4-1, the softest aligner)

Level 2 (4-2, the medium soft aligner)

Level 3 (4-3, the hardest aligner)

The side with the dots = bottom teeth 

To start the treatment, wear level 1 every night for 2 months. You can also wear the aligner during the day. Please wear the aligner at least for 8 out of 24 hours every day/night. You may experience some discomfort and pressure during the first few days.

After two months, repeat the first step with level 2 for another two months. Once you have worn level 2 for two months, wear level 3 for another two months.

If your teeth are relatively straight, you can also wear the each level for 5-7 weeks, instead of 8 weeks.

Once you have finished your treatment, we recommend to wear level 3 for another 2 months at night (this is optional, but will help to keep your teeth straight).

Please see your dentist before starting the treatment to see whether you're suitable for the aligners.